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Saint Kitts Steam Sauna


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Saint Kitts Steam Sauna

Regular Price: $5,699.00

Special Price $4,999.00

St. Kitts
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Dimensions: L86.5" x W48" x H86.5"

Regular Price: $5,699.00

Special Price $4,999.00

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Sauna-Steam Shower combo Model: Saint Kitts

86.5"L x 48"W x 86.5"H  


  Description Of Saint Kitts Combo Sauna--Shower  
  Brand new multifunction computerized massage steam shower-sauna combo with 6 accupuncture body massage jets, aromatherapy, rain forest shower head, radio, wireless media center (stream your favorite songs, shows, and sporting events wirelessly using your iPod, phone, mp3 device, etc.), sauna cask and scoop, and more! 10 year warranty -See Details. "  
  This computerized steam shower-Sauna room combo (86.5" X 48" X 86.5") fits snuggly into the corner of your room and brings a whole new meaning to the words comfort, relaxation, and luxury. Designed with the highest quality in craftsmanship and unparalled technological innovation we guarantee you complete and utter satisfaction with this luxurious product. With 6mm tempered glass, 5mm acrylic board, copper faucet, and stainless steel frame this steam shower-Sauna is built to last! We challenge you to find a comparable steam shower-sauna that is constructed with the same level of quality materials. Take a look around.....we're confident you'll be back. This steam shower is truly the best steam bathing has to offer today...

  There is no better friend than an acupressure massage after a grueling workout or a long day at work. With the touch of a button you can control the steam temperature, sauna temperature, radio, massage jets and more with your computerized remote control. Listen to your favorite music while lying in the lap of luxury. Why wait? Bring the ecstasy of modern spa technology to your very own home at a fraction of the price! The safe, soothing comfort of a steam bath makes the rest of the world simply f a d e a w a y.........
Computer Control Panel : 1
Displays and controls power on/off, lights, steam, ozone disinfection, fan, telephone, radio, and emergency button for the unit.
Acupuncture Massage Jets : 6
Adjustable spray nozzles pinpoint and tenderize channels and subsidiary channels, along the shape of your body. It can help increase your body circulation, invigorate your body cells, help prevent chronic disease and simply rejuvenate your senses.
Overhead Shower : 1
Also known as a rain fall shower, the shower head measures 8 inches in diameter to provide an invigorating shower experience that could be likened to standing out in a fresh rain fall.
Overhead Lights : 2
The lights on the top of the steam room will illuminate your shower and enable you to clean your body easily
Loudspeaker : 1
Speaker system is integrated with telephone and radio. Excellent quality speakers produce great sound for a relaxing experience.
Ventilation Fan : 1
The ventilation fan provides fresh air while the steam generator is working and expells the germ filled air after each use.
Steam Box : 1
The steam box allows the steam shower to produce steam quickly and provides a professional and comfortable sauna effect
Handheld Shower On Slide Rail : 1
The elevated handheld shower is assembled on the support of the sliding bar which can move up and down based on your height. It can also provide several different shower patterns like standard, soft, and massage .
Layer Rack : 1
The layer rack is conveniently located to store all of your shower essentials for easy access while bathing.
Ozone Sterilization System : 1
Bacteria is very common within very humid conditions. This special function of ozone sterilization will make the room easily cleanable with the press of a button. Self cleaning function kills bacteria and viruses, allowing the next use to be germ free.
Temperature Detection: 1
The temperature sensor calculates the current reading in the steam shower instantaneously so you can adjust the steam setting to fit your personal preference
Teak Seat: 0
Door Handle : 2
A high quality satin finished aluminium frame holds tempered glass to make these easy open doors have both function and form.
Thermostatic Switch : 1
This thermostatic valve is a vital feature that enables the selection of a specifically desired water temperature whilst eliminating those sudden water temperature shifts making your new steam shower especially safe for both children and older users.
Cask And Scoop: 1
Explosion-Proof Light : 1
Sand Timer: 1
This sauna comes with a sand timer so you can keep track of the length of time you spend in your sauna.
Wood Seat : 1
Dry Sauna Stove : 1
This electric sauna stove heats a pile of rocks to high temperatures before water that is splashed on the stones. When the water touches these super heated stones, steam vapour (or löyly) is produced and increase the level of heat in the sauna.
Sauna Temperature Gauge : 1
Accurately monitor the level of heat throughout your sauna session. This thermometer can monitor temperatures between 10°C and 120°C allowing you to enjoy your desired heat.
220 V 50 Hz A W
N/A N/A N/A 5 GAL/Min
  Amount Packing Name Packing Size Volume Weight
Net Gross
1 Bottom-Tray
81"x49"x26" 5.6' ³ 187lbs 324lbs
1 Function-Column 81"x26"x22" 2.3' ³ 116lbs 179lbs
1 Glass 82"x25"x13" 1.6' ³ 165lbs 253lbs
TOTAL 2 9.5' ³ 470lbs 666lbs

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Massive Review by Patty
We were looking for a large sauna/steam combo and this did the trick! Sauna stove and steam shower are quite spacious and can easily fit 2 people. Wood appears to be hemlock and shower floor is some kind of acrylic but seems sturdy enough. Assembly was pretty involved but as long as you have someone handy it isn't too bad. (Posted on 10/23/2018)

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