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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I buy from Aquapeutics?
    With origins dating back to 2007 we are one of the oldest steam shower and massage bathtub companies around. We've seen competitors come and go and pride ourselves on still being the number one steam shower company in the industry. By listening closely to our customer’s wishes over the years it has allowed us to design steam showers and massage bathtubs that are both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and structurally sound. In addition to having the best product in both style and quality we also have a dedicated team of professionals with an unparalleled wealth of knowledge. By pairing our winning combination of customer service and top of the line quality products we’re able to help you find the right product to suit your needs, guide you through the installation process, and troubleshoot any issues you may have along the way. Our dedication to our customers before, during and after the sale has allowed us to remain the number one steam shower and massage bathtub company for over 14 years and will continue to keep us on top for many years to come!
  • How do I know what product is right for me?
    Deciding on which model is right for you can be a very daunting process due to many factors that we understand and appreciate. We know this is not a small financial decision so making sure you are as informed as possible before making your final decision is critical . By perusing our site you will find many resources which will assist you in this process and if you have any doubt please call our sales team who will be more than happy to assist you! Sales can be reached at 800-290-6812 x101.
  • What is your warranty period?
    All Aquapeutics brand products come with a 10 year structural warranty and a basic 3 year parts warranty. This means that you will enjoy free replacement parts for the first 3 years. After your warranty expires, you will be responsible for the cost of the part plus shipping. The parts warranty is upgradeable to a lifetime parts warranty for an additional $499, which can be added during checkout. It's also transferrable if you ever decide to sell your home! This warranty does not cover labor or shipping.
  • How do I service these units in the future?
    The primary means of service for these units is via sliding the whole assembly away from your walls. This is feasible on all units except the Brunswick model which has an internal access panel which allows you to service the model from inside the unit . Most units come supplied with a flexible drain hose so you can slide the unit away from the wall after all the final connections are made. You are not required to use the flexible drain that it comes with. You can also hard plumb it with a quick release drain that allows you to assemble the unit away from it's final location, slide the unit into position, and then make the final drain connection. It must also work in reverse order to allow for future servicing.
  • How do these get put together?
    Assembly mainly entails leveling the base and securing the numerous wall panels to form the "box". The structure is finished with attaching the roof to the "box". Once this is done you begin installing all of the secondary pieces and hardware, like soap dishes, doors, etc. Finalizing assembly includes making the on-board plumbing and electrical connections. Electrical connections are done with pre-installed connectors and then the plumbing is ready to be threading to the right place. The last step will always be testing everything and then sealing every joint with silicone. Important to note is that for every model except the Brunswick the entire assembly process should happen with the unit pulled away from its final location. This allows for complete 360 degree walkaround of the unit while building the enclosure.
  • Who do I need to install these?
    Many homeowners actually handle assembly themselves while others will hire a sub-contractor. In the event you would like to have someone else assemble your unit we recommend a general handyman. For installation, a licensed plumber and electrician should always make the drain, water, and electrical supply connections respectively.
  • Can I use access panels instead of sliding the unit?
    The access panels are a fantastic way to ensure an easier means of troubleshooting and servicing the unit but do not allow access to all facets of the unit. We think they are a very good idea to incorporate into your design when installing your steam shower but please keep in mind that they do not fully diminish the need of being able to slide the unit out as a whole.
  • How do I add my Aromatherapy/Essential oils?
    All steam showers come with a steam dispenser located on one of the wall panels inside the unit. The location of the steam dispenser will vary by model. The easiest way to find it is just look for the area where the steam is emitting and that's the steam dispenser. Once it has been located you simply put a few drops of aromatherapy oil into the steam dispenser reservoir.
  • I've pressed the Body Massage Jet button but nothing is happening?
    The jet system requires 2 means of activation. Firstly, turn your water selector valve to the jet system selection then press the corresponding massage jet button on your control panel you would like to use. This system utilizes electronic solenoids in order to be able to control different zones which means the button on the screen will only open and close these valves.
  • How do these get put together?
    Unlike steam showers the massage bathtubs come fully assembled so there is no assembly process.
  • Who do I need to install these?
    All tubs are 110V and come with a flexible drain line for easy installation. Unlike the steam showers there is no assembly involved. You simply need a licensed plumber and electrician to make the drain, water, and electrical supply connections respectively.
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