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Steam Shower Buying Guide

First Consideration

The first question you should ask yourself is what type of steam shower are you most interested in buying?

  • Steam Shower only

  • Steam Shower with Tub Combo

  • Steam and Sauna Combo

You may want to browse through the above links to determine what type of steam shower is best suited for you and your family.

Walk-in Steam Shower. Steam Shower Tub Combo. Steam Shower Sauna Combo.

Second Consideration

The next major configuration question is going to be shape.

  • Rectangular Corner

  • Bowed or Curved Corner

  • Alcove Fitment

Determining the shape of your steam shower will help narrow your search and make the process easier.

Third Consideration

Now it's time to consider the smaller details and features.

  • Single or Two-Person?

  • Left or Right Orientation?

  • Necessary Features? 

    • Ex: Foot Massager, rainfall showerhead, body massage jets, etc.

This step isn't always necessary for some people as some of these details may not be very important to them. For others it could help bring them closer to a decision.

Walk-in Steam Shower Features

Fourth Consideration

The last major consideration is spatial dimensions.

This is where you must determine what size unit will fit into your bathroom space. If you have a large bathroom you want to be sure the model you buy isn't too small.  Conversely if your bathroom is small you don't want your steam shower to be overwhelming either. Other considerations are what corner the unit will go into and which direction the door opens. For instance you may need a sliding door instead of one that opens if your toilet or vanity is in the way.

Tip: We can assist you with this step so when in doubt call us!

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend new buyers view our FAQ's  page as it holds lots of valuable information about Aquapeutics and common questions you may have.

Aquapeutics has always maintained a high level of quality in the  products we sell. This has been achieved through years of building relationships with our customers to understand what types of product they need and desire.  Whether we're implementing incremental improvements over time, designing a whole new model, or just putting a little extra cosmetic flair into the final product we're always striving to improve and provide a better experience! If you still have questions that  aren't answered in this buying guide or have a unique situation then please do not hesitate to contact us!

If you need further assistance than this page please reach our sales department through 800-290-6812

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