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Why Do We Use 3.5KW and 4KW Steam Generators in Our Steam Showers?

We get asked quite a bit if steam generators this size are big enough and why we've chosen to go this way. We understand that when it comes to steam showers, making sure the generator is properly sized can make a big difference in the overall experience. While 6.5KW systems might seem like a good choice, we've opted to use 3.5KW and 4KW steam generators instead.

Here's why:


1. Power Consumption and Wire Rating

The first consideration we made when sizing our generators was the power consumption and necessary wire rating. A 6.5KW steam generator requires ~27 amps on its own, when you add in the rest of the enclosure's power, you'll be over 30 amps. This means you'll need to run more costly, larger wiring. This not only increases your upfront cost in material, but it also increases your electric bill as the larger unit consumes more electricity.

This consideration alone would not have led us to make the jump. We needed to know, is this going to sacrifice any performance? Astoundingly, we found that the answer was no! Let us explain below.


2. Performance vs. Size

While a larger generator might seem like a good idea, the reality is that it's completely unnecessary for steam shower enclosures this size. We have found that regardless of the size of the generator, the total time it takes to completely envelop the room in steam was comparable to within mere seconds. Furthermore, The industry standard sizing guide puts a 7KW at 101-250CuFt, which solves for 14.4-35.7CuFt/KW. This math gives us an operating range of 50-125CuFt for our 3.5Kw and 93-232CuFt for their 6.5KW. Our steam showers fit in the ~70-85CuFt range, making a 3.5-4KW generator a much more suitable choice.



Not only does this save on electrical costs, but it also ensures that the unit is appropriately sized for your steam shower. This decision was one that wasn't taken lightly by us and truly was made with our customer's best interest in mind. The 6.5KW "feature" is nothing more than a sales pitch.

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