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Benefits of Steam

Aside from the pure relaxation of a steam shower after a long day there are also many well documented therapeutic health benefits. 


Skin Health

Steam rooms purify your skin in the same manner that a warm, wet towel applied to your face does. By opening your pores, the heat of the steam room will cleanse your skin of dirt, toxins, and even dead skin. You may end up with acne that is better controlled, skin that is evenly toned, and healthy, beautiful skin as a result of this.

Relieves Stiff Joints

A steam shower can aid in increased pliability and ease joint discomfort by increasing your heart rate and warming your body temperature. It is an excellent method to warm up before a strenuous workout.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Reduces Congestion

Steam showers are an excellent method of dealing with nasal congestion because they break up mucous and promote deep breathing. Taking steam therapy is the safest and most effective method of getting through congestion. Please do not enter a steam room if you have a fever as it can be dangerous.

Cardiovascular Health

One of steam's most profound effects can be seen in blood flow. This leads to improved cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, and better circulation to extremities. The moist heat of a steam shower dilates, or expands your blood vessels allowing more flow and circulation of blood. 

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This is only a very small snippet of the wealth of information, research, and documentation out there for the Benefits of Steam. We encourage you to not just take our word, but to see for yourself! 

If you wish to see more benefits, keep an eye on our Blog!

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