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Our Selection of Whirlpool Bathtubs


When it comes to relaxation, Aquapeutics is a world leader in high-end luxury whirlpool tubs and products. Each bathtub we offer is carefully designed to promote and improve your physical and mental wellbeing by providing a relaxing and comfortable space to unwind whenever you wish. View our selection of modern spa products to get started on making your own person sanctuary.

Improve Relaxation

Few things are more satisfying than settling into a luxury massage bathtub after a long and hard day. At Aquapeutics, we offer a wide supply and range of whirlpool bathtubs made to dramatically boost your relaxation while maintaining a high level of elegance and design.

Meet Your Needs

All of our products are carefully designed and tested to provide a truly exhilarating experience for each of our customers. We offer a wide range of bathtubs with added relaxation options to help make your spa experience more special. These options include:

  • Whirlpool bubble jets
  • Chromatherapy lighting
  • Handheld showers
  • Aromatherapy oil packages
  • Adjustable body massage jets

Reach out to us to learn more about your options.

Contact Our Team

Ready to get started on securing your own personal spa for your home? Get in touch with our team at Aquapeutics by calling us at (800) 290-6812 or by sending an email to for more information.